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Brian C Jensen Shares Signs Your Business Isn’t Ready for Investment

Business Investment

Brian C Jensen understands the importance of financiers and investment to your business. You cannot grow to reach more volume or expand operations unless you can procure investment. Post-pandemic and inflation have made it hard for companies to remain afloat without financial support.

But, there are times when seeking investment can be counter-productive to your overall business goals. Brian C Jensen will discuss the seven crucial signs that your business isn’t ready for investment.

Brian C Jensen’s Call of Duty for Businesses Seeking Investment

You must put a lot of effort into some things to ensure investors’ focus doesn’t waver from you. These are your calls of duty as a business, and you need to go above and beyond to convince your audience.

Business Model

You need a business model and plan ready for execution. You must have developed a comprehensive strategy and fault-proof business plan. Where do you expect to take your company, and how do you plan on doing that? From diversification of operations to achieving business goals, plan it out.

If you haven’t done so, you are not ready for investment.

Marketing Strategy

If you have a strong team, they may have developed the ultimate marketing strategy to reach out to potential customers and investors. Brian C Jensen confirms that sending out generic cold emails does not work. You must engage potential investors meaningfully and actively research their preferred niche. Unless you have a strong and focused marketing strategy, your voice won’t reach the intended target.

Cohesive Team

Investors take a hard look at the founder, co-founders, and the strength of their team. As a thought leader or business guru, you must share your vision and build a team that backs up your vision and brings technical strength to the table.

Unique Selling Point

Have a unique idea that solves a real-world problem that hasn’t been done before. Or have a sustainable and eco-friendly initiative. You must understand the industry and deliver what it wants to secure future investments.

Business Missteps That Turn Away Investors as per Brian C Jensen


If you are unwilling to be coached by seniors and professionals, you are not ready for investment. Most investors take an active role in startups and share their opinions. Investors will pull away if you are unwilling to work collaboratively or create a culture of feedback.


Maybe your entrepreneurial spirit has recently awakened, and you are just finding ground. Investors dismiss projects with no solid basis or whose founders aren’t experienced in the domain. Brian C Jensen recommends founders be proactive and learn about the latest trends.

If your idea is new, study whether it’s a feasible product or not. You need to become a master of your discipline and be able to see 5 or 10 years down the road.

No Contingency

Brian C Jensen highly recommends adding contingency or backup plans to your business model. Consider unforeseen and unfavorable circumstances and the alternative options investors would have. If your business collapses, do they lose all their money and morale? Is there a buyout option, and has your business developed a safety mechanism? Not working on backup plans will cost your business investors, that usually look for assurances.