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Wellness guidelines to keep the COVID-19 paranoia away – Brian C Jensen

The COVID-19 crisis has unsettled us all. It has genuinely disturbed our society’s fabric, and the worldwide disaster resulted in a shocking number of deaths and economic losses. Brian C Jensen the crisis resulted in mass paranoia, with supply and medical shortages being foremost in everyone’s mind.

According to Brian C Jensen, it is not just the number of deaths that shocked everyone. The factory shutdowns, the job losses, disruptions in every industry vertical, and pay-cuts resulted in sad tales of compromises worldwide. It is vital to regaining the mental balance to lead a healthy and fruitful life in such a world.

Keep in mind that the world will return to its state of normalcy, and then you will need all your faculties. To better preserve your state of health, here are a few wellness guidelines to shield you and your family from pandemic paranoia.

The power of positive thoughts – Brian C Jensen explains

It is quite natural to think negative and limiting thoughts due to the ongoing crisis. After all, no one has a clear idea regarding when the pandemic will end and how soon things can go back to normal. This is the time to focus on positive thoughts. Motivate yourself to focus on the happier and the positive side of things. You can listen to inspiring lectures from philanthropists and entrepreneurs to get motivated to eliminate fear and anxiety.

Practice affirmations

Our mind is tuned to respond to the immediate surroundings at the sub-conscious level. Suppose you are watching too much news about the infection deaths and destruction. In that case, your mind will automatically focus on those extreme scenarios, often to the detriment of the analytical thinking capabilities. This is why it is necessary to practice affirmations whereby you can repeat phrases like “I am healthy” to get rid of the stress and the fear. Affirmations are a great way to reprogram your mind allowing you to stay calm.

Maintain a gratitude journal

If you need a bit of help to focus on your life’s positive aspects, then make sure to maintain a gratitude journal. A gratitude journal focuses on the good and the best things that have happened to you. So, make sure you are writing down every positive aspect of your life to help you focus on the brighter side. It is all about moving away from the limiting thoughts, and maintaining a journal has helped thousands of individuals.

The pandemic paranoia affects everyone with anxiety and stress. This is why wellness activities are paramount to get rid of the stressors. The COVID-19 pandemic has made a lot of us feel vulnerable and weak. Keep in mind that vaccination programs are already underway, so we are slowly but surely getting there. In the meantime, take care of your mental state and remove your paranoia through our wellness guideline. You have the power over your thoughts – remove all traces of negativity and let the positivity flow. All the best!

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