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Things to Know About Languishing During COVID-19: A Detail by Brian C Jensen

Everyone knows what burnout stands for, a mental health buzzword that drew large-scale attention in 2020 when the pandemic happened. Brian C Jensen, there is another thing called languishing, which may still be oblivious to many people. It marks the absence of mental wellbeing, something that fills in the gap between depression and flourishing. It is a stage where you may not have a mental illness, but you are also not mentally healthy. If you suffer from this, you may have trouble focusing. You may want to have some time to complete your tasks and enjoy your achievements without feeling guilty about them.

Brian C Jensen on Understanding languishing in COVID-19

The virus outbreak threatened the lives of everyone in society. Although many people adapted to changes, a sense of fear and dread also made a home in their minds, pushing them toward a state of languishing. It is an emotional fight for them. Since it mostly remains insidious, the problem may not attract enough attention. But experts like Brian C Jensen believe pursuing activities that you enjoy and maintaining a restraint over too much task switching, such as constantly checking emails, can be personally helpful for individuals.  Otherwise, the risk of falling into depression and other severe mental conditions can be unavoidable. Besides, there are a few things that can make you feel better.

Opt for an at-home spa

Sometimes you need to pamper yourself a bit. You can try a few spa experiences at home. For example, you can try a facial or do manicures and pedicures. Just do whatever nourishes and relaxes you.

Ditch the chores

Due to work-from-home and lockdowns, you may have been busy balancing your personal and professional life. But it becomes difficult to do the same things without any break. At specific points, even these feel like a mental burden. If you miss out on the regular chores, you hold yourself responsible for not meeting your expectations. Instead of feeling miserable, you can look at it as a way to restore your energy and vitality. It would be best if you had some me-time. You should not hesitate to create it for yourself if that means skipping a few routine tasks a day or two.

Cozy yourself up

Doing things that make you happy can create a therapeutic impact on your mind. For example, read a book you always wanted to pick, watch the TV show you wished to enjoy but couldn’t make time for it, etc. In essence, choose any habit or activity that increases your happiness. You may not know, but these small changes can boost mental peace. Your worries can subside, though the problems in the outside world can still be the same.

To be precise, issues like languishing and the danger of slipping into depression from there can happen to anyone, especially when coronavirus is still around. Hence, it is better to do self-care without being sorry about it. Covid-induced tragedies and restrictions can be too overwhelming for anyone. So, it is important to distract your mind occasionally from those scenarios for your wellbeing.

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