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Quit sugar for overall health and wellness – Brian C Jensen

Quitting sugar seems to the fad all around us these days. Every day we hear some celebrity or health professional going sugarless or advocating the need for it in our daily lives. However, when it comes to the actual act of going sugarless, even the most determined of us will find it highly challenging. According to Brian C Jensen, sugar can trick the brain into believing that we need it in every food and drink. The truth is a bit is acceptable, but only a bit.

According to recent research reports quitting sugar can have several health benefits and improve your overall wellness. Here is a list of wellness improvements that you can expect from quitting sugar.

Quit sugars for younger skin – Brian C Jensen

The more sugar you consume, the more is the level of it in your bloodstream. Increased sugar content in the body is termed “glycation,” which sounds fancy but harmful for the body, especially the skin. Glycation inhibits the collagen repair system of the body, which is the main component of the human skin. If you habitually consume too much sugar, you will experience wrinkled skin faster than healthier individuals. The trick is, therefore, to withdraw the sugar use with increasing age.

Reduce the abdominal fat

Excess sugars will always add to your weight. Keep in mind that burning away the calories with demanding exercising is an excellent way to circumvent sugar use. Still, most of us lead a sedentary life, which doesn’t remove the sugar from the system. Instead, it stores fat within the cells and tissues, especially the abdomen. This process of adipose (fat) tissue generation from sugar is natural. But too much of it and you will have belly fat alongside several health complications in the long run.

Increase your energy

We have already stated that excess sugar moves around in the bloodstream. On the one hand, this means that you might have energy more readily since sugars are easier to metabolize, but you will also “crash” sooner. Keep in mind even if you avoid the spoonful of sugar with your home-cooked food and beverages, you will still end up consuming sugars throughout the day. Instead, restock your energy with protein-based nutrition like nuts. Protein sources provide steady energy all through the day.

Lower the risk of diabetes

Cutting down on sweets and sugars will not just allow you to stay off those extra pounds. But also improve your quality of life. Excess sugar use often leads to type 2 diabetes which dramatically reduces. The quality of life in affected individuals for decades. The simple way to avoid falling prey to this disease is to cut down on sugars. Keep in mind, the more sugar you have, the more your pancreas needs to work to break it down. Day-after-day of this and your pancreatic cells. Will give up even if you weren’t genetically disposed to diabetes in the first place.

We understand that it takes time to quit sugar altogether. However, read the benefits a second time, and we are sure you will make up your mind in no time. Take care!

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