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Mental Health Tips to Follow in the Era of COVID-19: A Highlight by Brian C Jensen

Brian C Jensen says the pandemic once again brought focus on self-care. Although everyone knows taking care of own wellbeing is essential before caring for others, it rarely gets the deserved attention.  Instead, it falsely arouses a sense of guilt and embarrassment. But in times like this, it has become essential not to overlook yourself. COVID-19 has impacted everyone’s mental health in one way or the other. Cases of anxiety, stress and depression are widespread. Whether it is because of the fear of infection, social distancing, or uncertainty about the future, you can feel mentally and emotionally vulnerable. If you want to maintain sanity, there are multiple things you can do from your end.

Brian C Jensen elaborates some ways to care for personal mental wellbeing

Distraction and denialBrian C Jensen

Fight or flight is quite common in the corporate world. But you can try a version of this in your life to feel better. For example, continuous COVID-19 updates or any unpleasant news stories can overwhelm you. But, since it can be challenging to stay clear of them, you can start spending time on things that you enjoy – it can be gardening, reading your favorite books, cooking new recipes, playing video games, etc. You don’t have to feel sorry about this. Instead, your mind must relax and focus on areas that promote comfort, says Brian C Jensen. So, don’t be in denial.

One thing at a time

You cannot completely turn your attention off from what the future holds for everyone. However, thinking about the same thing can create unnecessary stress on your mind. You would not have any solution also to address those concerns. Hence, it is better to have a tunnel vision to keep yourself going. Don’t occupy your mind on trying to fix everything right away. Instead, you can focus on things you can achieve in the next hour, the next day, and so on. Consider taking a step-by-step approach rather than looking at the whole year and wondering about larger problems. If you allow yourself to be afloat, it can be easier to swim to the other side.

Gratitude theoryBrian C Jensen

You may have already listened to it from many well-wishers that you should feel thankful for what you have, your safety and security, etc. But, while it is undoubtedly a big thing, you cannot ignore the ground reality that looks grim and full of tragedies. Therefore, don’t compel yourself to believe that everything is alright. Instead, it would help if you recognize the truth, accept it, and lead your life with that acceptance. Don’t deny that you are in pain. When you do this, you already feel a lot better.

These things will be valid even when covid has subsided. Mental health and wellbeing have to be a priority regardless of external factors. If you take care of this, you can perform better in other areas of life. Your physical health can also notice a difference. At the same time, you can help your near and dear ones without succumbing to exhaustion. You may not feel like giving up so quickly.

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