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It’s Essential to Manage Your Online PR – Brian C Jensen Shares Easy Tactics

People are constantly talking about new and existing brands! From this gossip, you can make out what they think about specific brands. And today, owing to the scope people have to source news and materials online, brands and businesses need to have an excellent online PR strategy. Brian C Jensen says moreover, social media has made it easy for people to research brands and share their opinions online. It means today, you have people praising and criticizing brands equally. In such a situation, brands must manage their online PR so that they have a good reputation.

Ways to manage online PR by Brian C Jensen

The digital world is vast and unlimited. Hence, when you think of online PR, you might feel that it is an impossible task. However, when you plan correctly, you can execute a few easy steps to ensure you have a decent online reputation amongst your customers and others.

1. Issue relevant press releases at regular intervals

Has your brand accomplished something meaningful? If yes, then it is necessary for your target customers and others to know the same. One of the best ways to escalate company news amongst customers and others is by issuing a Press Release. You can share an informative press release with essential messages from the brand spokesperson to the newspapers and magazines. Make sure to share this with the online publications for maximum reach. It will help your customers know about your current initiatives and accomplishments. Perhaps, they will share the same with others through the online messenger apps. It will help you to maintain a good brand reputation both online and offline.

2. Attend to a criticism

Every brand has experienced its share of criticism. And like praises, the criticism bit is ongoing as well. However, you need to ensure that you strike a balance between positive and negative reviews. No one likes to witness a negative comment or review. However, if you get one in your website or customer service query domain, make sure to attend it instead of avoiding it. It will show that you are a brand that pays importance to what their customers and others think. At times, the criticism might give you some relevant insight that can help in your business strategy. Also, when you attend to a user complaint, you might have a chance to convert the user into a customer.

3. Get active on social media

Social media has become the order of the day! If you want to manage your online PR better, you need to get active on social media. That doesn’t mean just sharing updates about your brand and going off. You need to pay attention to your user and follower comments and also respond to them with helpful information from time to time. Please choose one or two social media platforms and leverage them to your benefit.

Brian C Jensen shares some essential and easy tactics to manage online PR. If you want the same, you can resort to the guidelines mentioned above and manage your online PR better than ever.

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