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How Smart Shopping Carts Are a New Face of Change in the Business World of USA: A Report by Brian C Jensen

Brian C Jensen, We all are much familiar with the concept of shopping carts. So, what is a Smart shopping cart? How is it any different from a regular shopping cart?

A smart Shopping cart is an automatic ‘Smart Cart’ with readers and sensors to help and enhance the consumer’s shopping experience. In a report by Brian C Jensen, the ‘Smart Cart’ was a revolution in the shopping world.

Before this cart, consumers had to wait in rather long queues just to pay for the items bought, especially during the peak of the shopping period. This results in the loss of time and not just for the shoppers but also the supermarket/mall.

But now, with this new invention, the whole scenario of shopping has changed. The items/products in the cart are automatically scanned. And their information is displayed on the LCD screen of the cart or the consumer’s smartphone. That information is processed to the shop’s software, leading to automatic billing of the items in the cart. And the final bill is displayed on the consumer’s smartphone.

Role of Smart Shopping Carts in providing more business to the Malls as discussed by Brian C Jensen

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, increasing demand for self-directed checkout technology was observe. This made the grocers and retailers realize a budding need to innovate a new technology that can help keep the consumers safe and malls buzzing.

Using the Smart Shopping Carts, both the consumers and the supermarket/malls will benefit as it calculates the total amount shopped in real-time. And has advanced features suggesting other products complimenting the earlier bought products. For instance, if the customer buys bread, it will recommend that he/she may buy butter or milk as well.

Hence, a considerable increase in business is expecting. The report of Brian C Jensen suggested that the average shopper’s checkout total might increase by 19% when using this product.

The market of the Smart Shopping Cart:

The market of Smart Shopping Carts includes the companies working in sales, the invention of new technology, the development of new applications, etc. The Companies involved in these businesses have initiated the collective development of ‘Smart Carts’ and are expanding and improving their market.

Up until 2019, the USA was the most dominant area in the market for Smart Shopping Carts. But its estimates that during the year 2025, the Asia-Pacific region would be growing at a much higher rate.


These automatic carts are anticipating to increase the shopping business at a double rate than before as these ‘Smart Carts’ motivate the shoppers to buy more. Not only do the carts put the whole shopping world back on its efficiency track. But they also resulted in a smooth shopping experience for the customers. For buyers, it reduces the time of standing in a line for billing. And for cashiers, it saves time wasted in the long procedure of billing. Consequently, creating business for both the malls as well for the ‘Smart Carts.’

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