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Hiring the Best Candidates for Your Start-Up Business? Brian C Jensen Shares How to Go About It

So, you are all set to give shape to your dream business! And now that you have to get the work done for real, you realize that it’s a challenging process. Brian C Jensen says one of the biggest challenges here is to find the right team. For that, you need to recruit people for your start-up business in different job profiles. And you can’t get less serious about it! A good team can help a start-up business flourish and make it sail through a crisis, which every business faces sooner or later. Hence, you need to pay attention to the recruiting process, get the candidates, and form the best team.

Guidelines by Brian C Jensen

Hiring people for your start-up business is an essential and challenging task! It’s because you need people willing to go on a journey with you, establish a brand, and ensure it is successful. Of course, you will meet several people, but you need to employ the correct ones.

1. Have well-defined job profiles

One of the reasons why start-ups fail is because they recruit people without properly outlining their job profile. For instance, if yours is a start-up PR agency, you need to set out guidelines for business development and account managers. At times, start-ups hire an account manager thinking that they would also fulfill the role of a business development professional for an extra remuneration package. However, the skills for both profiles are different and need to get addressed accordingly. Hence, you need to list down the job profiles that are required and list down the KRA’s (Key Responsibility Areas) correctly so that there is no confusion.

2. Expertise and experience always count

You need to ensure that a social media manager has the right skills and experience for the profile. That means, when you are interviewing a probable candidate for this post, it is essential to check the reason behind why he or she has been working as a social media manager. For example, does she like to stay behind the scenes and promote brand messages? Does he like the idea of interacting with customers being the online brand mouthpiece? Does she like to create precise and effective status messages and has been doing it for a while successfully? If yes, you know that the person has both the expertise and experience for the job and hire them.

3. The mindset is the crucial element of all

Venturing into a start-up business is like taking on a journey! Hence, you need to analyze why a person wants to join your start-up team? Do they have the mindset to move on an unknown journey, achieve milestones, and face hurdles with a positive attitude? Are they comfortable with coming up with innovative ideas during the most unexpected time? If yes, then you know you got the person with the correct mindset.

Brian C Jensen shares a few suggestions that can help you identify and hire the best ones for your team. When you are launching your start-up business, it is necessary to have the best team. The guidelines mentioned above will help you to recruit the best team for your business.

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