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Getting Out of the Mental Health Impact of COVID-19 as Perceived by Brian C Jensen

Brian C Jensen has been one and a half years of the pandemic. Vaccines are out, and many have already taken the jabs. However, even after getting vaccinated, the fear of catching the virus has not subsided in people’s minds. The reason for this can be the amount of suffering and havoc everyone has witnessed since its occurrence. Although things look promising from now on, there is still hesitation and a constant sense of worry. While it is legitimate, you cannot afford to stay in the same mental state for long. You have to overcome your anxiety. Some covid-related practices will continue as prevention. But it would be best if you nourish your mind with positivity for your overall wellbeing. Here are a few suggestions in this regard.

Brian C Jensen on dealing with the long-term mental health effects of COVID-19

Stay connected

Whether you go out or not, you must not isolate yourself emotionally. You need to connect with your family, friends, and loved ones. Check on them through messages to find out how they are doing. Or, you can video call them to see them. All these little things will not let you feel alone. At the same time, you can be at peace because your support group is there. Realizing all these things is essential to calm your mind.

Follow a routine

Brian C Jensen says work-from-home can continue to be a norm. Initially, you may have built a routine around it to get into the new habit. However, as time lapses, it can seem too much to stick to it in the same manner. Plus, you may not understand, but you can be uncomfortable about the events happening worldwide. It can make you lose motivation to go about your schedule the same way you used to do in the pre-covid era. But be careful about this tendency. Daily routines are critical for your body and mind. You will eat and sleep on time. Also, when you do your tasks on time, you don’t feel miserable about yourself, which is quite essential for your mental wellbeing.

Stay away from social media – Brian C Jensen

You can use these platforms to learn about your relatives. But spending a long time on social media can be risky. You may get exposed to many unwanted and unpleasant materials, which may worsen your anxiety. You can feel troubled even though everything around you is okay. It is the impact of consuming too much information that can be overwhelming for your tired brain. Hence, make sure you regulate your social media habits to avoid these effects.

The pandemic has been tough on almost everyone. While it is still around, the situation is pretty good compared to when it had first appeared. Hence, you have every reason to believe that things will improve. Healthcare systems have also learned their lessons the hard way. Nevertheless, with everything aligning toward a safe and secure future, you don’t have to panic. Just keep doing your things, stay connected, and let yourself know that you are doing better.

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