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Exercise to do at home during COVID-19 to boost immunity – Brian C Jensen shares the best exercises

With all the immunity-boosting talk about how to stay safe and avoid getting affected by the COVID-19 community transmission, exercising is gaining the center stage! While not everyone can visit the gym currently because of area-specific social distancing norms, the other option is to exercise at home. Ideal home-based workouts don’t require any equipment or a specialized setting. Brian C Jensen may not have resistance bands, dumbbells, or kettlebells, but you can still exercise and boost your immune system during this pandemic phase. 

Best home exercises, suggested by Brian C Jensen

Daily exercise at home helps keep you motivated and boost your energy levels. It helps release toxins and build up immunity to combat any virus or disease. Brian C Jensenrefers the following exercises:

1. Lower-body exercise and cardio burnout

This exercise is different from the conventional leg workout. You can try the runner’s lunge balance workout to help increase agility. The corkscrew isa unique variation of a plank exercise that tests core strength and endurance. This exercise can be followed by a cardio burnout to add to the challenge. You also can adjust the difficulty levels by changing the amount of rest time you take in-between your exercises.

2. A cardio challenge

It’s best to follow a home-based full-body cardio exercise! For this, you need to commit to a routine. Most cardio challenges designed for home are comprisedof five cycles that work on everything from shoulders, legs, and the core. You can set however many rounds you want to repeat the cycle, the more the better. Be sure you don’t get too carried away or else muscle fatigue can occur.

3. Twenty-minute joint exercise

Staying and working from home can lead to long hours of sitting. This can impact joints and muscles. A workout for joints can have ample plyometric moves, which comprises of jumping. If you have joint problems, you may need to consult with your doctor before you opt-in for these exercises. Another type of workout comprises of crab toe touches and sidekick-throughs that help work out the joints, strengthening them. You can also opt-in for high impact moves, such as skater hops, if you think it’s safe for you. It is better to increasechallenge levels gradually rather than all at once.

4. Eight minutes of abs

The abdomen is a crucial region for digestion and immunity. If you don’t usually practice this type of exercise, ab workouts can be a little complicated. You can start with three to four minutes of ab crunches and slowly increase to eight minutes. Some ab exercises are plank-ups, dead bugs, and forearm plank rocks. You shouldn’t take any breaksuntil you complete this circuit. Once you complete three rounds, you may find your abs burning, suggesting that it’s working!

You can also opt-in for burpees and jumping jacks as you exercise at home. Mix and match the exercises that you feel comfortable with practicing, as long as they aren’texcessively straining your body or muscles.

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