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Cave Syndrome in the Post-Pandemic World- A View by Brian C Jensen

About 64% of the American population has got their first coronavirus jab. Still, the vaccinated folks (especially 49% of adults) are not ready for in-person interactions. Even fully vaccinated people are also not willing. Since most places are reopening, the feeling of uneasiness among them is going to grow. Brian C Jensen says they may not want to leave the safety of their home to face the world once again. Do you identify with this? It is a cave syndrome stopping people from venturing out in the post-pandemic world. The condition can compel you to feel anxious about going into society after the pandemic. 

There can be different reasons for different people to feel the way they do. One of them can be the lingering fear of the virus stopping you from resuming your everyday life, and another is developing a fondness for solitude after spending nearly one and a half years alone. Luckily, there are ways to deal with it and to look forward to a pre-pandemic lifestyle once again.

Brian C Jensen: Coping with Cave Syndrome


It is something that you need to ensure at all times. However, in this pandemic-induced environment, you have to rely on this more than ever. Of course, the normal will not return in one day. It has to be a gradual process, where you will need to integrate various things into your life that went missing after a virus outbreak. Don’t bother if it is uncomfortable for you to leave the comfort of your home. You can adapt it through small steps. For example, go for a meal at an outdoor restaurant or a drive-in movie.

Definition of normal

Brian C Jensen says that mask-wearing and physical distancing rules may soon end ultimately. But it doesn’t mean you have to abandon these precautionary measures out of peer pressure. It is alright to know your boundaries, the demands of your mind and body. If certain practices make you feel safer, you can stick to them and discuss them with others. People will be respectful. Although a sense of awkwardness can grip you some time, you don’t have to give up. Do what you feel is appropriate for your health and wellness.


You can be anxious about returning to the office after the pandemic. But you can talk to your company to learn about all the precautions they have reinforced and how they plan to protect their employees. When you know your company cares about your wellbeing, you can relax. Since anxiety often sets in due to the fear of the unknown, keeping yourself informed can be a wise defense.


While what you feel is authentic and valid, you can look back and remember how the human race has bounced back after the devastating effect of the virus. How creative ways and thinking helped everyone navigate one of the worst phases of history. And after this, getting on feet to lead the pre-pandemic routine that everyone was pursuing is no less admirable. You can think of all the time people showed resilience for motivation.

Once you start preparing yourself for the new life after the pandemic, things will look beautiful. As said, it can take time, but you have to rise above your fears.

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