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Brian C Jensen’s Views on How to Retain Employees in Your Business

Have you wondered what the secret sauce that makes few companies remain successful and at the top position recurrently is? Of course, one can point it towards their innovative products or their social media strategy. But the truth is far away from that! The secret lies in the company’s composition, which means its employees. A successful business organization swears by its employees and the work they put on. Brian C Jensen in a world where attrition rates are high, a successful company knows how to retain its employees over the years and provide work satisfaction.

Insights by Brian C Jensen

Change is the law of nature! Hence, it’s natural for employees to want a change in their job profiles. Therefore, brands and businesses must contemplate an important question – Why will employees stay with my brand? And that will help them to provide the best reasons for which their employees will stick with them. So, if you, like other business owners, want to retain your employees, follow what Brian C Jensen has to share.

1. Happy employees are loyal employees

Are your employees happy? Not every employer or business owner thinks about this aspect. They feel that they are providing the employee a handsome salary package, which should be enough for them to be happy. However, things like a hostile work ambiance can eat away an employee’s motivation to work and perform his or her best. Similarly, lack of help and co-operation from fellow employees can make one feel isolated, which might propel an employee to think of quitting work and looking for a chance. Hence, you must have a dedicated HR team that will look at employee satisfaction and ensures that employees can voice their truth as they work.

2. Recognition helps employees work better

Does your company give credit where it’s due? Do you take time out to reward the best performer for a project? If not, then your employees might lack the zest and zeal to continue with your organization. Of course, everyone works to receive the salary, but that is not all! People also want to get recognized for the extra work or the innovative idea they suggested. Hence, take time out to think about categories where you can reward your employees. It will make them happy and also make them put in their best efforts.

3. An ambiance of knowledge-sharing helps

No one wants to remain stagnant! Your employees want to learn new things about the job and other related aspects and grow. Hence, it helps to have an ambiance of knowledge-sharing. You can assign different topics to different employees, and they can prepare a detailed presentation on the same and share it with others by turns. It will urge your employees to learn about new aspects and know from others as well. You can dedicate time for questions and answers as well so that your employees get to address their queries.

If a company offers its employees the best learning resources, rewarding remuneration, excellent HR practices, and apt recognition, employees wouldn’t want to leave the company. However, you can follow the practices mentioned above to retain your employees as much as possible.

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