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Brian C Jensen: Ten Simple Steps to Start Saving Money

Nowadays, people are being more concerned about their lives and the work they have to do explains Brian C Jensen.

Start saving money by making a budget plan! Yes, this step is simple yet important since it will help you determine how much you should save without getting short of cash in your everyday living expenses.

Setting up a budget plan can help you manage your monthly income well for spending it later on things that are necessary need to day-to-day life.

Though it sounds complicated but with these few tips below, doing so becomes easier than ever! Let’s make a start now!

How It Works:

1) Set up everything that you spend money on per month. This can be anything from electricity bills to eating out with your friends.

2) When you have made all of your lists, add them up for each section including all of your spending on any particular month.

3) Once you’ve added it all together, divide it by how many months there are in that year. What you will get will be the average cost of what you spend monthly per person or family unit says, Brian C Jensen.

4) Now this next step needs to be done once every year because it may happen that one area costs more than usual due to special occasions etc., readjust where necessary depending on the changes in prices of food, clothing, and other basic necessities.

5) With these last few steps, now compare with how much your income is per month then the real trick starts here. You now need to make divide the total cost of the average monthly spending less than how much you make per month.

6) If your income is more than what it costs, then congratulations! Now you can spend money for anything extra (like saving some money for that new pair of shoes or just buying yourself something nice once in a while).

7) On the other hand, if your income is equal to what it costs to live, then hooray! You don’t have to really spend any money on basic necessities and can save more than half of your salary every time after getting paid says Brian C Jensen.

8) If your income is less than what it costs per month, well… bad luck! It will be a most vital thing here to make sure that you can live on what you earn and still be able to save money every month.

9) If you find that this step is a little difficult then it may be best to get some help from a financial expert or get a part-time job just until things start looking good for the following months of the year.

10) Surely, if by this time, your income can already support all of your monthly expenses only with the basic necessities, then there’s no need to spend anymore! You have reached your goal of saving money which will eventually lead to a better life in the future says, Brian C Jensen. If you just can’t stand to live with how much you make per month, then… stop spending more than what you earn.

Here are some FAQs recently asked by readers.

Q: I have some bills that aren’t being included on my list, what should I do?

A: Add it up and take away the costs from your income leaving only the balance as your total monthly income.

Q: What if I’m not sure of all of my costs per month?

A: Just make a rough guess, but always remember to keep an updated list for your records and keep track of everything so you’ll know how much you really spend every month! If you think that you’re spending too much or not saving enough then try to include or change certain items in your list saying it’s either expensive or cheap to benefit both sides!

Q: It would be too expensive to cut back on some of the things that I spent money for, what should I do?

A: You don’t need to eliminate everything, just make sure that it doesn’t exceed your monthly income. For this case, you can put additional items in your list stating how much could you save by cutting off unnecessary costs or simply reducing them for a while then go back to buy them when you have more money in the future! This way is better because at least you’ll still enjoy yourself even though not totally losing something important explains Brian C Jensen.

Q: What if my salary changes every month?

A: Then only change the amount of saving to the same percentage so the rest stays intact. If there are times where your income increases then just add items that would fit with your new budget.

Q: How long should I wait before updating the lists?

A: As soon as you get a pay or even better, right after making purchases of necessities and other stuff. You need to keep track of everything so there wouldn’t be any problems in the future because we all know what happens when we fail to plan ahead!


The truth of the matter is… life requires money but money does not necessarily require you. If you can’t even make ends meet with all of your expenses then there’s no doubt that you are also spending more than what you really need on a daily basis, which eventually leads to debts or bankruptcy, and that’s where things start getting really ugly!

On the other hand, if your income is higher than what it costs for each month. By all means, go ahead and enjoy your life because this will only help build your confidence in making more money in the future! However, always remember to keep track of everything so one day when times get hard you won’t have to worry about living with just how much you have left every time after paying debts and other monthly expenses!

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