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Brian C Jensen suggests creative activities for well-being during COVID-19

We all have heard the saying, “When it rains, play in the rain!” The idea contained in Brian C Jensen in this saying is to make the most of any situation. Currently, everyone is leading a restrictive lifestyle and are confined to their homes because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Visits to coffee shops, traveling, or going out to the theatre will take some more time and necessary cautions before we are able to partake in these activities again. Since no one anticipated this sudden change in lifestyle, most people succumb to isolation, mental fatigue, and mild depression. It is essential to count on creative activities to keep going during such testing times.

Creative activities can heal and calm the mind, states Brian C Jensen

Think back to arts and crafts time during school. Children used to love it because it allowed them to break free from a cycle of constant studying and classes. Similarly, when you’re engaged in creative activities, you silence the part of your brain that is worried about getting things done. According to Brian C Jensen, creative activities allow the brain to reduce stress and tap into the creative force,healing anxiety and excess stress. A few creative activities to count on during this lockdown and pandemic phase are as follows:

1. Coloring and drawing

When you fill in the shapes and drawings in a color book with various colors, you can feel less stressed and anxious. This helps you bring back a childlike glee and happiness that puts all worry and tension aside. By staying focused on coloring, you harness the power of concentration and start focusing on thoughts that give you hope while forsaking the ones that bother you. You can also practice with or learn how to do pencil art or basic oil painting.

2. Making slime at home

We have all browsed through the multiple slime videos on Facebook and other social media channels, where kids are crushing slimes with their hands. Slime can helps bring down stress levels. To enjoy this, you can make one at home. Commercial slimes carry harmful chemicals that may cause hand blisters. If you choose the right materials and make your slime at home, you know what your creation is made up of. This helps you avoid any skin infections or hand blisters.

3. Plan a home garden

Now is an excellent time to make additions to your home. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, eating nutrient-rich platters is essential. If you decide tostart a home garden, the earlier you begin the better. It is useful to look up home gardening methods and to choose what plants you want to start with. Aloe vera plants are an easy start up plant.

4. Storytelling with kids

Indulge your kid with a storytelling session, while becoming an expert orator as well. Your child can benefit greatly from storytelling. It helps you engaged with your kids and helps them with adequate communication skills. 

Creative activities provide a “feel-good factor.” It is essential to take some time and choosesome of these ideas that are feasible for you.

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