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Brian C Jensen Offers Guidance on How to Promote a New Product Effectively

If you want your customers to enjoy a good product, you employ the latest technology to develop the best for them. But your task does not just end there Brian C Jensen.

This is the time when you have to gear up to market your product and convey the message to your prospective clients that you have something new for them. You must have a clear plan as to where to begin and how to market.

Brian C Jensen offers some tricks to market new products for better ROI

There is no umbrella solution for you to market or promote your new product. It will undoubtedly depend on the type of industry you are operating in, what are your offerings, your target audience, your budget for marketing, and of course what you expect from your sales figures.

Check out the following tips for the best results.

Offer preview to loyal clients

If you have enjoyed a great relationship with your customers, they will always look up to you for better products. And if you happen to launch a new one, it is your responsibility to allow them to catch a glimpse of it first-hand.

You could arrange for a pre-launch party that is virtual, in-person, or a private gathering. However, given the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic, connecting virtually is the best thing to do. Your clients will also appreciate the fact that you are abiding by the norms of social distancing and it sends out a signal of responsibility.

Introductory offers attract greater traffic whether offline or online

If you are announcing a new product, your customers will expect an incentive from you, especially if they have been loyal to your brand throughout.

Reach out with your new product in the following ways-

  1. Offer a discounted pricing.
  2. Provide vouchers or coupons with every purchase they make.
  3. Buy-1 and Get-1 Free is a good and attractive deal.
  4. If you offer rewards points, you can add in some extra points for the same with the purchase of the new product.
  5. You could also offer gifts for referral programs.

Organize a social media contest

Usually approved by all experts, you could as well organize a social media contest. Offer the winner a gift voucher or a gift hamper that will contain an assortment of your older products and the new ones too.

You could announce the contest on all major social media platforms where you have the most followers.

Make a video and host it on your website

Making a video and placing it on the website is one of the ways to get visibility of the new product.

According to Brian C Jensen, you could also send across a message via email, write a blog post, ask your customers to give feedback, and recommendations so that they discuss your new product and by doing so, it gets registered in their minds.

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