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Brian C Jensen: Modern strategies for customer retention

There are many strategies that companies can adopt in order to retain existing customers. However, most businesses do not follow the best practices when it comes to customer retention says, Brian C Jensen. This is mainly because they are not aware of the potential benefits of using modern strategies for it.

These are some facts you should know about why customer retention is important in the modern world.

We are now going to review some of the modern strategies that can be used for customer retention:

1) Attention to detail

Most customers expect businesses to go out of their way when it comes to delivering quality service at all times. This means that they do not want companies that are not committed enough when it comes to meeting all the necessary requirements enabling them to offer efficient services. It does not matter whether you are offering a product or a service, what matters most is how you treat your customers especially if they have been loyal to you over the years. Make sure that your commitment levels match theirs so as to retain them in future.

2) Get rid of bad habits

Companies need to ensure that they get rid of bad habits that may drive away their loyal customers. For example, some companies go overboard when it comes to selling their products to the detriment of their existing customers who often end up buying a product they don’t really need or one that is not useful for them. This means you cannot always push your clients to make a sale especially if they have been loyal to you over the years and are not looking for any change in their purchase patterns.

3) Improve customer service standards

There is no better way to retain your business than by improving customer service standards because this will create a lasting impression on your clients that you enjoy what you do and care about providing them with high levels of quality services from start till finish says, Brian C Jensen. Always ensure that your customers can reach you easily and that their queries are promptly attended to.

4) Get rid of all the bureaucracy

Retain customers by getting rid of all the bureaucracy in your work since this may lead to loss of customers especially those who have been loyal over the years. Also, try as much as possible to make sure that all your sales channels function properly so as not to drive away potential buyers who might want a platform for making their complaints from time to time?

5) Promote loyalty programmes

Loyalty programs can go a long way in helping retain existing clients. Especially if they provide value for money benefits through discounts or bonus offers. Which help enhance customer experience leading them to engage with your business more frequently says, Brian C Jensen. Make sure that you offer something that is valuable to them so as to keep up the loyalty.

6) Find their Achilles heels

Every business has at least one Achilles heel or something they are not doing well. When it comes to customer retention. This means you have to identify yours quickly so as to work on it before your competitors do. If you manage to get rid of all the loopholes. Then you will definitely be ahead of the competition in many markets for many years.

7) Offer rewards programs

Companies can also use loyalty reward programs in helping retain existing customers. Especially if they have been loyal over the years. For example, companies can offer points that give them access to vouchers. Which could later be exchanged for different kinds of items or services depending on preferences or needs. The more you offer, the more likely they will return for more.

8) Make better use of social media

One of the best ways for a company to retain its existing customer is through positive reviews on social media networks. This can be achieved by approaching influential people who have a large following. Ten getting them to visit your website and review the product or service you are offering. Then share it on all their available platforms. Once this becomes viral, customers will quickly flock to your business. As they seek value for money products that give them maximum satisfaction.

9) Customer follow-up research

Companies should conduct follow-up research among their clients from time to time. So as to know how they feel about some of the services being offered at that point in time. Brian C Jensen says this information can be used to identify what you are doing right in customer service. And what areas need urgent attention because they are driving away potential buyers.

10) Make it easy for them to contact you

You could also make it easier for your existing customers to contact you in case they have any queries or complaints. By providing all the relevant details on your website so that they don’t end up calling your competitors. When their issues are not addressed after a reasonable length of time explains Brian C Jensen.


The strategies listed above are very important in helping companies retain their existing customers. Because they help reduce the likelihood of them moving to other places. By addressing all the areas where their trust is being threatened even if it means cutting back on profits. If you have the time, checking out this website will be worthwhile.

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