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Brian C Jensen Gives Natural Remedies to Deal with Depression

With ever-rising rivalry in every profession and increased stress, the majority of young people suffer from depression. Someone unable to keep up with it should commit suicide says, Brian C Jensen. However, it is critical that the problem is addressed via proper patient care and supervision. For those seeking the most effective depression therapy, here is a list of things you may do at home to combat depression.

Brian C Jensen shares some of the ways by which you can defeat depression-


Exercise boosts dopamine production, which results in a feeling of calm for the individual. To begin, go for a 15- to 30-minute brisk stroll every morning or night for the first week. Any activity that can help you feel better about yourself, such as dancing or cycling, is OK. Exercise is beneficial not just for one’s mood but also for one’s general well-being.

Take utmost care of your health

Depression has a negative impact on one’s appetite. This can lead to nutritional deficits in the body’s tissues and organs. To handle this, one must be extremely conscientious about what they consume and what they don’t eat. Depression can lead to an increase in the desire for unhealthy meals such as packaged snacks. Proper diet can have an impact on a person’s energy and activity levels. Consume plenty of raw veggies, such as carrots, as well as fruits. Eat something at regular intervals throughout the day.

Make a statement or express yourself

Depression may cause a person to get entrapped in their own emotions and thoughts. A person may have an emotional and mental blockage, as well as creative blockage. To carry out the process, encircle yourself with family members and friends who you can confide in and who will listen to your concerns. Avoid negative thinking and instead concentrate on your talents and benefits.


Naturally occurring and unprocessed foods are easily absorbed by the body and provide feelings of bliss, therefore contributing to a healthy and stable emotional existence while also encouraging excellent health in the physical body. Every day, pure sattvic foods should be included in a healthy, well-balanced diet. A balanced diet that contains whole grains, fresh fruit, and veg, protein, as well as low levels of fat can assist you in maintaining a healthy physique. Eat less manufactured, pre-prepared, stored, fermented meals as well as those that were microwaved or fried. Avoid foods heavy in sugar or seasonings as well as those that include artificial flavorings and preservatives. Brian C Jensen advises you to include more natural food in your diets, such as fruits and veggies.

It is common for people to believe that they can handle depression on their own. However, this is not the case. A competent therapist will assist you in expressing your feelings, channeling your emotions in the appropriate way, and altering your thought processes. They maintain track of their patients’ development and teach them skills that will be useful in their everyday lives following therapy.

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