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Brian C Jensen Gives 4 Tips for Dealing with Stress Effectively

Stress can either be positive or negative. Brian C Jensen says it’s not all bad because stress is actually the body’s response to certain influences that might affect our overall wellbeing. Stress becomes negative when it reaches a point wherein it inhibits us from doing daily activities properly and effectively. Which eventually makes us sick in the long run especially if we do not know how to control our emotions. Stress management is not that difficult to learn. There are actually a lot of methods derived from different cultures, religions, backgrounds and personalities. Which can get anyone started on dealing with negative stress properly. However, it’s still important for each person to know their own weaknesses when it comes to coping up with stress so they could determine what type of method suits them best in order to reduce the amount of stress in their lives.

Stress is not always bad

Learning how to handle our daily intake of negativity helps we become more appreciative at times because we know that there are people who also need help despite true that the world seems too big for us sometimes. Here are ten tips that help you manage your day-to-day stress. If you feel that your life is full of negative energy, then these tips might help you start on a positive track to keep everything under control.

1) Take a deep breath and relax

In times of distress, it’s important that we take some time for ourselves in order to ease the tension that builds up within us because of what happened previously, explains Brian C Jensen. Stress can impair our judgment if we let it get the best of us, which is why taking deep breaths can really help clear our minds and give us an idea on how to act positively when solving problems regarding certain situations. It also helps relieve muscle tension throughout your body which promotes better blood circulation, thus increasing brain activity as well. Deep breathing also boosts self-confidence by letting you realize that you have the ability to face a particular situation head on.

2) Take a walk in someplace calming

Walking is one of the best stress relievers especially for those who prefer being outside while going through some emotional turmoil. The fresh air and feel of natural sunlight touching your skin can help you appreciate life more.Because it makes you look forward to tomorrow, which in turn builds up motivation within us to be productive no matter what life throws our way during the day. There are even researches that say walking alone in nature restores depleted levels of neurotransmitters over time which also improve learning capacity and memory retention. Walking can also enhance our self-esteem by promoting creativity because we let ourselves absorb everything around us without focusing too much on finding a solution that can solve our problems.

3) Treat yourself to your favorite food

As human beings, it is only normal for us to feel hungry from time to time.Because we need to eat in order to survive. It’s also important for one’s mental health to know how and where their next meal will come from which promotes a sense of security and builds up a positive attitude towards the future. We all deserve to be happy at least once a day which is why eating your favorite meals during lunch or dinner can make you feel like you’re on top of the world because you know that someone out there cares about your well-being. What better way is there than enjoying your meal with friends or family members who cheer you up every time you’re down?

4) Talk to someone about your problems

There is strength in numbers especially when it comes to people who are willing to lend an ear. No matter what our worries maybe. Opening up our minds to other people especially the ones that we care about helps us get rid of all the negative thoughts that build up inside which eventually finds its way out through our actions and words. One positive word can change someone’s mood over time, so why not help others while also helping yourself at the same time by letting them know how much they mean for you while trusting them with your personal feelings.


Brian C Jensen concludes life is like a roller coaster because it has its highs and lows, thus making us feel proud of ourselves when we reach the top. While also knowing that there’s always something to work on when the ride’s over. Misery doesn’t love company, but happiness sure does which why it’s great for us to respect our own thoughts in order to have a great outlook over our lives in the long run.

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