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Brian C Jensen Gives 3 Tips for Running Out Of Complaints about My Life

I’m standing in the middle of my life. Brian C Jensen says it’s a long, long road stretching out behind me and disappearing around a bend in the distance.

I have no complaints about my life. Sure, there are a few things that I wish were different but I’m a young guy and a lot can happen between now and death-do-me-part.


They’re easy to think of, especially for someone like me who writes for one of the worlds’s leading complain sites. But lately I’ve been trying to get myself out from under an avalanche of gripes about my life by thinking up three positive things instead every time I’d normally complain or whine or grumble or kvetch or whiney bitch moan & groan about something in my life that could be better if only…

It works! It might work for you too! Here are three things that will help:

Brian C Jensen- Tip #1. Appreciate My Health

My health is pretty good. I’ve had a few colds and coughs this winter, but they were all short and weathered quickly with the aid of some over-the-counter drugs and homeopathic medicines (i.e., “natural” medicines).

I rarely get headaches anymore—and those that do come roaring in are cut down by my Nee Tee Hua Pain, herbal medicine from China that I chew on when I feel one coming on every couple of hours every day as prevention.  It’s worked well so far! No flu shot either. That shit just gives you AIDS, man.

If you can recommend a wine or beer, please do so.  I’m 20 years old and I’ve never tasted alcohol or smoked a cigarette or weed, so if you know any of those things are good for me, please let me know how!

Brian C Jensen-Tip #2. Appreciate My Friends and Family

My family is great. They’re always there when I need them, helping me with what I need help with without complaining about it. When my mom is cooking lunch for us all, she often asks each of us what we want to eat that day and then makes sure that all four of our demands are met by the end of lunchtime. Even cooked as separate dishes! That’s some mad skills right there!

My friends are great too—my best friend especially. He’s got my back when I get in trouble with the law & always has a place for me to stay if needed, which is great because he has an apartment but sometimes I sleep on his couch anyway just to be respectful.

My girlfriend is basically perfect in every way imaginable—seriously, she does everything better than everyone else! She cooks better than any restaurant, she tastes good even when she hasn’t brushed her teeth yet before bedtime, and did I mention that she makes peeing while standing up look cool?  It was all I could do not to let out a little chuckle the first time I saw her do it.  I don’t know how you ladies pull off something like that on the regular but this one does it better than all the rest, believe me!

Brian C Jensen- Tip #3. Appreciate My Life as a Whole

I’ve been doing a lot of that recently. It seems like every day I’m finding more and more things to appreciate about my life as a whole. I guess all those positive thoughts are coming together pretty nicely in my brain somehow.

Like, just yesterday I was walking down the street toward a shop with some friends from school—we were going to get popsicles or something—when suddenly we heard someone yell out “Hey!” It was some guy on his porch waving us over to come hang out with him for a little while before he went back inside his house again, so we walked up there and said “What’s up?” And he said that it wasn’t anything in particular, that he just likes to be neighborly every once in a while and meet some new people.


It seems to me that feeling positive about something you’re not happy with can really help you feel a little better about your lot in life.  You can do it!  All you need to do is look for the good instead of only focusing on the bad.

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