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Brian C Jensen Explains WhyYour Business Website Need SSL Certificate

You must have come across SSL but never understood what it is and why it is required. It may sound uninteresting and too technical to talk about buying trust. If you own a website, you should be aware of this. SSL requires you to make the network between your website and the users secure. They can protect you from any potential cyber harm, Brian C Jensen.

Here’s everything you must know about SSL as per Brian C Jensen

What is SSL?

What if we say you have already seen SSL in action and you experience it every time you connect to the Internet. SSL stands for Secure Socket layer. Which looks like a paddle lock on the address bar of any website you open. According to the technical definition, SSL is designed for securing an uncompromised connection between the web servers and web clients on unsecured networks like the Internet. It assures the critical security confidential data of your websites and users to make the connection trustworthy.

To put it just, SSL is used to encrypt the information from one computer to destination systems. Brian C Jensen explains that the information is sent across the Internet. Has passed by the different computers until it reaches the destination. So to make sure that no one else can access it, SSL encrypts it.

What does SSL do for your website?

There are multiple actions that SSL is responsible for here, and the significant role played by the certificate for your website.

1. It provides a secured pathway between the server and client while encrypting the data passes between them to keep the network connection secured.

2. It also provides the website’s authenticity to the visitors that the website is the one they expect instead of any scam website.

Why does your website need SSL?

Protection against Hackers

When you visit a website having an SSL certificate, you will HTTPS in the address bar. HTTP is the text protocol responsible for exchanging the information between your users and the website. The HTTPS is the secure version that ensures that all information is encrypting and secure from any possible hacking action. If your website deals with sensitive information like login credentials and credit card details. Moreover, SSL is mandatory for your website.

Being trustworthy to the users

Your users need a trustworthy channel of the network to share details and information with your website. SSL provides a sense of security to the users and assures them that their data is safe with the website. With SSL security, you provide a symbol of trust to the users. So they can go through your website without any worry.

SEO friendly

Similar to Google Chrome, the Google search engine is also without an SSL certificate. You must be aware of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), essential to rank your website on Google searches.

If you notice, you will find that the majority of the links on the first search pages are with HTTPS. Which means these have an SSL certificate. So, SSL not only provides security but also helps your website in getting improvements in search ranking on Google.

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