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Brian C Jensen Explains the Various Ways to Relax Your Mind Overstressed by the Pandemic

Brian C Jensen has been a trying time for everyone at different levels. From losing a job to a loved one to lifestyle freedom, you may have faced it all. It doesn’t need any guessing how you must be feeling right now. Anxiety, stress, loneliness, and many such adverse effects can still be lingering. However, with vaccination drives going on in full swing to easing lockdown rules, you can expect some positive changes. Trying a few things can prove quite beneficial if you want to make the most of them for your mental health. So, here is a quick look at them.

Brian C Jensen provides tips to de-stress yourself after the pandemic


It has been around for thousands of years. Many believe this technique can help you get rid of stress and anxiety. You can also give it a try to experience the difference. Some cities can offer this service at an affordable rate. When you go there, it can be worth exploring its effects.

Mental health discussion

Brian C Jensen says people usually avoided talking about it openly because of the fear of stigma. But the situation has slightly improved. The pandemic has made everyone vulnerable and uniquely taught the importance of empathy. People realize that community support in times of trouble is so vital. Many celebrities also talk about their personal experiences to help people come forward and liberate themselves from those shackles that tied them for long and tightened their grip even more during the pandemic. So, if you need help, let your people know.

Bonding with nature

In the pre-pandemic era, people had hardly any time to look around and appreciate the natural beauty surrounding them. Although your responsibilities may have only increased due to stay-at-home orders, you can travel to destinations blessed with nature’s bounty when restrictions ease out.  Inhaling the fresh air and interacting with animals in their natural habitat can be some exciting distractions. You can sense mental peace and calmness seeping inside.


While some find it embarrassing and needless, you need to understand that your mind and body deserve some attention too. You have to create time for yourself to indulge a bit. It can help you reinvigorate your energy levels. At the same time, the harmful effects of the pandemic may have drained your mental agility. So, you can use this time to nourish and nurture your mental wellbeing. You can choose anything that makes you feel happy. Reading a book, watching a show, or anything you enjoyed in the pre-pandemic era can make a comeback.

All these are pretty simple things to do. But you first have to understand the importance of these tiny changes in your life. Your mind has suffered a lot because of the virus outbreak, fearing the future, infection, and many other things. Now, it is time to focus on the positive sides of life and slowly transition toward them. Of course, preventive measures are crucial, but you can embrace a new routine that suits your current situation better.

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