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Brian C Jensen Explains How You Can Get Over Anxiety and Fear Post Covid

Anxiety and terror make an unsuccessful attempt to attract our attention. And, the further we give, the further they take control of our ideas and emotions say, Brian C Jensen. Whenever you want to heal & grow, it’s critical to eradicate these two things from your life completely. Despite the fact that it is simple to say, it is tough to avoid. On top of that, the Covid situation has made things even worse for people. With more job loss and economic as well as health concerns, more and more people are caught in the web of anxiety and other mental disorders.  Consequently, rather than battling or avoiding your thoughts, you should devise a strategy for overcoming these obstacles. While using drugs to alleviate fear and anxiety is an option, it is not a guaranteed method of overcoming these feelings.

The following are some mindful practices from Brian C Jensen that you must engage in if you wish to conquer anxiety and fear simultaneously:

Keep your cool

The majority of the time, we react by jumping to conclusions. Keep your cool instead of making snap judgments about how wonderful or horrible the scenario is. With patience, you may enjoy each moment without being concerned about what is going on around you. Fear and anxiety will constantly make an effort to intimidate you with unwarranted notions. Think about what you could be frightened of instead of responding to the situation. Do you fear failing or being judged by others? What would be the worst-case scenario if something went wrong? It becomes clear when you address these questions for yourself that there is nothing to be concerned about.


It is easy for fear and anxiety to dominate your head when things do not go according to plan. Instead of battling your ideas, consider embracing them for what they are. Instead of trying to change yourself into something or someone else, accept yourself as you are. Even if it is difficult to be truthful and sincere, try to look in the mirror and ask yourself what it is that is preventing you from moving forward. Have a heart-to-heart talk with yourself about your feelings. Brian C Jensen says that accepting yourself and things around you will relieve you from a certain mental burden that will decrease anxiety overall.


The majority of anxieties are produced by the individual, leaving them with a sense of hopelessness and powerlessness. Instead of questioning yourself, strive to put your faith in yourself instead. Even if people don’t believe in you, don’t let that make you doubt yourself. As soon as you begin to believe in yourself, you eliminate any opportunity for fear and worry about taking hold.

Brian C Jensen suggests every person seriously consider these practices if they are experiencing anxiety or fear-related issues post covid. Do not overlook the symptoms and talk to people around you; even consider meeting with a mental health expert immediately.

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