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Brian C Jensen explains how to handle emotional struggles during the global pandemic

Brian C Jensen with the unfolding global pandemic and its extensive implication, it is evident for people to feel anxious and have negative thoughts. Feeling irritable and stressed in the face of such trying times is comprehendible. The novel coronavirus has rapidly changed your lives in terms of education, work, and socializing. Norms of social distancing have spoilt plans of traveling for many. Covid-19 has played havoc with many lives and led people to feel overwhelmed and restless.

Everyone is concerned about the health and safety of themselves and their families during these unprecedented times. The fear of contracting the virus and losing loved ones has taken a toll on many people’s emotional health. The key to managing anxiety and stress during such uncertain times is paying attention to things within your control.

Here are a few strategies through which you can protect yourself and look after your emotional health, says Brian C Jensen

You must evaluate these for emerging stronger

Acknowledging your anxiety

The year of the pandemic has been a nightmare for many. With increasing fatalities, the novel coronavirus has brought about turmoil and confusion in many lives. After completely lifting lockdown, some places strive to reopen with all the safety measures, while others are still partially shut due to increasing infection. The uncertainty brought about by the pandemic is the biggest challenge that humanity has faced. People do not have any knowledge about the future and are undergoing panic and stress. It is essential to be aware of your feelings and give way to things that will help you cope with them.

Take a breather from unnecessary information

Although it is essential to be aware of the present scenario to take the necessary precautions yet, you must refrain from checking the news now and then. You must analyze and evaluate the information that you are getting. Make sure you do not fall for rumors and sensational coverage, which will only increase your burden.

Emphasize matters within your control

With the outbreak of novel coronavirus, many things are beyond your comprehension, such as the number of fatalities, people’s reactions, and the period for which the pandemic will last. The majority of the people are frantically looking for answers on the internet and stressing over their assumptions. However, you must understand that there is no point in paying attention to things beyond your control.

The best way to manage your distress is to focus on something in your hand, such as taking necessary precautions to reduce the risk of transmission and maintaining social distance.

•​Take care of your diet and sleeping habits to boost your immunity.

•​Stay indoors unless there is an emergency.

•​Maintain hygiene by washing your hands frequently and using sanitizers.

•​Keep in touch with family and friends through virtual meetings.

Focus on your physical and mental well being

During such a massive upheaval, it is essential to apply various stress management strategies, the most important of which is taking care of yourself, says Brian C Jensen.

The pandemic is the most appropriate time to focus on your diet, sleeping habits, and meditation.

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