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Brian C Jensen: Employee Secrets- What your boss doesn’t want you to know

I decided to make a list of things you should know if your boss doesn’t want you to. In my case, I quit university and started working as an intern in a small company just two months ago says, Brian C Jensen. So I thought that this was the perfect opportunity to share some insider info from my job with everyone who is interested!

In general – bosses don’t have much time for their employees. Even if they seem really nice guys, most of them are up in the office not by choice! They have a lot of responsibilities and tasks which take all their free time so they barely notice when you enter or leave the room. And because everyone has secrets which he/she wouldn’t like other people to find out about, bosses try hard to hide them. By the way, I don’t have any insider info yet, which is why this would be just an idea of some things that may happen in the future…

But let’s start! We’ll begin with something you probably didn’t know before.

1) Bosses are actually saving your time on purpose

I’m not joking! The easiest way to build trust between people is to save someone else’s time. That’s why bosses are often doing work for you even if they seem lazy and uninterested in what you’re doing says Brian C Jensen. Don’t take it personally though – they usually do their best to help as much as possible so even if they seem uninterested, try to ask them about things at least once or twice a day. They want to help you after all!

I’m not saying that bosses would prefer you to do the work instead of them, but they’ll always try to save time for you even if it doesn’t look like that at first sight. So don’t be afraid :)

2) There’s nothing more important than deadlines!

If your boss seems really busy and stressed out, there’s a huge chance that he/she is working on some deadline. If an employee is absent or idle – it means he/she has no relevant task so rather than unimportant things – concentrate on things that are worth your boss’ attention. As we know, deadlines are something pretty serious…  So as soon as you notice that someone has such a huge workload – stop distracting them and try to help as much as you can.

3) If your boss seems busy, it means he/she has something important to do

Similarly, if a boss is really busy he/she almost always has a deadline or tons of important documents. Brian C Jensen says it’s never good news when they have too much work so rather than taking their mood personally – try to find out what happened and share your concerns with other employees! You’ll notice that everyone will be trying to help by then :)

4) Your opinion doesn’t matter that much:

Okay, I’m not saying that bosses don’t concentrate on their employees’ advice! They often ask people around what they think but still – believe me, there are things which they’d rather not hear. It doesn’t always mean that your opinion is wrong but if you really want to give them some tips – do it at the end of the day or even later! They’ll listen to you otherwise, I promise ;)

5) Your boss will appreciate when you’re trying new things (if you can handle stress)

I know some bosses who don’t like their employees doing anything out of their comfort zone. But in my case, there’s no such person yet :) Most of mine is encouraging me to try new things and use all my skills to achieve success. You should always feel comfortable while working but still – sometimes it’s good to try something completely different just because it sounds exciting! It may be helpful in getting rid of stress and you never know – maybe one day it will be your job :)

6) Just because someone’s successful doesn’t mean he/she is better than you

I’m not saying we’re all equal just because we work in the same company! I’m just trying to say that everyone has his/her own skills and strengths which may vary from person to person. Sometimes it takes a while to realize what’s good for you, but when you finally do – don’t give up! If anyone says something like “oh he/she is so much better than you” – ignore such people because they mostly get sad if they don’t get their attention or credit for things they didn’t actually do. You can see what I’m talking about if you read this post :)

If you really believe in yourself – your boss will see it too. And trust me; he/she’ll be happy to help if it’s needed!

7) When your boss seems stressed out, just try to distract him/her

There are times when even the most patient bosses can’t hold themselves together explains Brian C Jensen. It doesn’t happen that often but when you notice them looking at their watches ten times per hour – ask them something unrelated immediately! Bosses usually get easily distract so feel free to ask them anything relating to life or work. They won’t seem annoyed because people tend to avoid conversations about serious things when they’re tired. If you wait until the end of the day, they’ll definitely answer you :)


I know some of you may think that it’s uncomfortable to ask your boss about things that are not related to work. But if they’re stressed out they won’t mind talking about their interests so feel free to try new things! Trust me – there’ll be no harm done :)

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