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Brian C Jensen elucidates how medical tourism industry is taking a hit due to Covid-19

Brian C Jensen there are numerous ways in which Covid-19 can affect and also alter the medical travel market’s shape. Like most industries, this sector entails different types of providers. The market-sensitive and also the small market is worthwhile here. Primarily, startups, medical travel agencies, and small facilitators and consultations work on limited cash flow and budgets.

  • They are sensitive to market fluctuations and are likely to reduce customer and marketing services now, dismiss employees, and potentially quit the market.
  • For many, it could be an uphill task to restart or reboot their business post the Covid crisis.
  • The medium-scale medical travel professionals are in a slightly better position. They might follow the same steps, such as downsizing personnel, reducing spending, or canceling event participation.
  • The well-established and also large businesses, such as hospitals and also clinics have been investing heavily in international patient directives, generating huge revenues.
  • They may be immune to a business capsize due to the pandemic. Continuing with their business investments, they will take a practical approach to outstation patient cancellations.

Brian C Jensen’s underlines the medical travel condition

The social and also economic impact of the virus is inevitable. Once governments lift the ban, there will be a huge surge in patients applying for foreign travel on medical visas. The conditions are organ transplantation, cardiac issues, cancer treatment, neurological disorders, and also auxiliary urgent treatments.

  • Dr Brian C Jensen mentions that patients seeking elective procedures need to plan this in advance.
  • Some of the top travel medical tourism destinations are India, Thailand, UAE and also Turkey.
  • All these nations have advised their respective citizens to avoid any type of unnecessary travel to prevent Covid spread.
  • There are reliable sites and online agencies that can help you in this regard. With travel restrictions, you know that access to medical help and also care in the concerned countries is very difficult.
  • Dr Jensen suggests it’s in your best interests to ensure local management of your condition.
  • Check out for leading support groups. They can guide you during this crisis. There are nationally accredited organizations, helping patients across the globe in availing top-class medical treatment.
  • You can continue to get treatment at a trusted local clinic or consult with a medical specialist. It’ll ensure that you get the best personal care and also resources.
  • Dr Jensen also suggests you select the doctors and also hospitals for the requisite procedures in compliance with your government’s rules.

Brian C Jensen on the ongoing crisis

It goes beyond saying that Covid-19 has been fatal for the booming medical tourism sector in countries like India. The country spends $9 billion in its health and also medical tourism sector. The pandemic has brought this investment and also directive onto a screeching halt.

Travel agencies and government bodies that facilitate medical travel are holding meetings to measure the impact of travel breakdown on the industry. In view of this abysmal scenario, experts are urging the government to streamline the sector.

It can recognize and also accredit MVT firms as an independent sector. This industry needs immediate financial support and also stimulus. It also needs to curb restrictions and also regulations on international patients applying for medical visas.

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