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Brian C Jensen assesses the boom in virtual healthcare in era of Corona pandemic

Brian C Jensen leading doctors and scientists are explaining why and how online healthcare virtual is critical to medical professionals and patients. The impact of telemedicine amid this current crisis and thereafter will be a lasting legacy of thwarting the novel Covid-19.

  • It’s amazing how this pandemic is creating a paradigm shift in the transition of the old-school way of medical treatment to a new format of remote delivery of healthcare.
  • It embraces the perks of data and digital technologies. Telemedicine has been on a rising steadily for the last few years, with several firms helping patients.
  • It has now graduated to a mainstream platform of patient interaction by dint of its defiance of time-bound physical visits.
  • However, it must thwart commercial and regulatory challenges, necessitating a digital infrastructure, which ensures a stable connection between doctors and patients.

Yet, as individuals worldwide cope with lockdown and need medical resources, remote health care becomes an integral part of the comeback, bolstering telemedicine.

Online healthcare as per Brian C Jensen

In this lockdown, health workers and patients are vulnerable to infection. Dr Brian C Jensenunderlines how people are embracing telemedicine like never before. He estimates that most of the patient consultations in the US are happening in the virtual space.

  • The last few weeks have seen a tenfold rise in the tests. It’s a huge transformation in the history of the country’s healthcare. Media reports show the CMS elucidating how its new strategies will encourage over 80 extra services in telehealth.
  • During any public health exigency, people can use robust interactive apps with audio-visual capabilities for communicating with their physician.
  • They provide a wide range of services. Medical providers can also assess beneficiaries with nothing more than audio phones.
  • These temporary modifications can ensure that you have access to doctors and other healthcare providers while staying at home.
  • Dr Jensen lauds these efforts as it’s an epoch-making moment for online healthcare. However, we’re yet to witness the necessary readiness to reach peak efficiency.
  • There are multiple ways of monitoring your health that the sector is to at any given scale.
  • He also warns that an unplanned rush to online stores or virtualization might diminish clinical care’s overall quality. Although it’s expedient and inexpensive, it can never be the same as old-school, physical assessment that entails human aspects of communication and judgment.
  • But with Coronavirus, it’s a trade-off everyone has to accept.

The new updates as per Brian C Jensen

To help people stay up-to-date with Covid 19’s latest information, Microsoft has launched new features in its tracker. Dr Jensen praises the new additions that entail new integration of hospitals bot. it helps in self-assessment and becomes a den of telemedicine assistance and support from reliable healthcare names.

The AI-powered hospitals bot follows WHO guidelines. For the virtual healthcare support center, credible and reputable service providers can enter the fold by applying online. You need to undergo an evaluation process.

The virus tracker has been helping people track the infection globally. The excellent tool also provides information on the total number of active and confirmed cases, along with fatalities and recoveries.

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