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Brian C Jensen: 7 Steps To Creating A Profitable Business That Lasts!

If you’re like me, you’ve always wanted to own an online business says, Brian C Jensen.

The truth is that many people ask themselves how I start my online business. How can it help? And what are the steps involved in starting a profitable business? These are very important questions, and they deserve answers.

When looking for ways on how to start your own profitable business often time’s individuals choose one of two paths: either follow popular trends or make money by selling products or services online through affiliate programs.

What will this article cover?

Well, there are 7 vital steps when it comes to creating a successful online business that lasts long after you finish reading this article! You will learn these seven keys to success in the following part of the article. So, go ahead and read on.

The 7 Secrets To Creating A Profitable Business That Lasts!

To create a profitable business that lasts you’ll need to follow these steps:

1. Define What It is you’re Selling and How Much It Costs

What product or service are you going to sell? Why would somebody spend their hard-earned money on it? Remember that if somebody is going to buy from you, they need a reason as to why they should buy from you instead of your competitor. In addition, how much does the product cost? If the price is too high now, how will lowering it make any difference in sales?

2. Choose a Unique Brand Name or Company Name says Brian C Jensen

Your brand name represents the image that your company wishes to portray. For example, Nike is a company that creates footwear and other related products. They try and portray themselves as a company that provides high-quality products to people who like to exercise and look good at the same time.

Your brand or company name should be short and easy to remember—especially if you’re going to set up an online shop. This will help people remember your website address rather than typing in different web addresses every single time they wish to visit it.

3. Create a Unique Selling Proposition Which Differentiates You from Your Competitors

Once you’ve decided what product or service you’ll be selling as well as how much it costs, we can now move on to deciding which unique feature of your business differentiates you from your competitors.

For example, if you sell shoes online, what makes your website unique? Perhaps the fact that you offer free shipping for all orders above a certain amount? Or perhaps you have a large variety of brands to choose from compared with other companies that only offer limited options. Perhaps it’s the quality or durability of the product that you provide which is exceptional when compared with other similar brands available explains Brian C Jensen.

4. Make Sure Your Website Is Search Engine Friendly and Optimized For Better Ranking

Once you’ve completed setting up your business’s website, make sure that it’s search engine friendly by including keywords and phrases in your page titles and headings as well as throughout the content of each web page. The more words and phrases related to your business that you can add the better! In addition, make sure to include a sitemap that helps Google and other search engines index your website more efficiently. Make sure that you link all of your relevant web pages so that search engine crawlers can easily find them.

5. Set up Your Online Shop To Sell Your Product Or Service

Setting up an online shop is a great way to quickly get started with selling a product or service once a business has been created. With the use of free eCommerce software such as OpenCart or Magento, it’s easy for anyone who knows how to set up a blog on WordPress to have their own online store in just a few hours! In addition, if necessary these sites also allow you to sell your product or service through more popular mediums such as eBay or Amazon.

6. Get a Domain Name, Hosting Account and Website Design for Your Business

Once you’ve decided on a brand name for your business, you can quickly get started with setting up an account on websites that provide free domain names and hosting if you are planning to set up an online shop. This includes sites like GoDaddy, JustHost, and BlueHost says, Brian C Jensen. If you require professional web design services then there’s no need to worry about the costs either—there are plenty of freelancers available who will work for just $500-$1000! Simply visit or and find someone in your local area who is confident with creating great-looking web pages as well as the code behind them.

7. Promote Your Business Online and Offline to Increase Sales and Customer Retention

One of the biggest mistakes that most people make when starting a new business is that they think that once their website is launched, it’s automatically going to start making money. In order for this to happen, you’ll need a solid marketing strategy with a focus on both offline and online promotion strategies. Getting a start requires an investment of at least $5 – $10 per day or even more if your product or service costs a lot more than what other companies sell it for.


The above steps are pretty simple to follow and the best thing about it is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money before your business can start making money says, Brian C Jensen. The goal should be for your business to become profitable as soon as possible so that, in turn, you’ll have more funds available to invest in marketing strategies that will further increase profits or allow for other areas of your business to be expanded upon.

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