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As Per Brian C Jensen and Others Upcoming Antitrust Reforms May Reshape Market Giants to their Core

Companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, and other giants could be in trouble and may require some reshaping because of the upcoming antitrust reforms. The Bipartisan group of lawmakers has introduced a set of bills that will directly impact some of the biggest companies in the country Brian C Jensen.

The bills have only been proposed as of now. The bills becoming law is long and will take time, and that too if it gets passed in the houses.

Brian C Jensen and Others Think the Bills Are a Strong Hit for Companies

There are a total of 5 bills that have been proposed. These bills have been made following the investigations held by the House Judiciary Committee. It was found out during this investigation that some companies hold a monopoly in the market and have a lot more power than they should. Keeping them in check, the proposed bills aim to make mergers and owning other businesses harder for them.

The antitrust laws have been untouched for decades. There were hardly any changes made to them, but now the decision to move ahead with the antitrust reforms will be a bold move.

Will the Bills Become Laws in the Future?

Many people believe that the proposed bills have a chance of becoming law. For any bill to become a law, it needs to be presented before the Judiciary committee. If the committee approves the bill, only then will they move to the house. Once approved by the house, further approval from the Senate would be required for the bill to finally be presented in front of the President. When the bill gets all of the approval and is signed by the President himself, only then will it become a law.

The bill requires many approvals, but the chances are that it will become a law. These antitrust reforms are much needed for the betterment of the country in the long run.

The Effect of the Bills on Companies

The biggest impact that the proposed bills would have on companies like Amazon is that it would become harder for such companies to make mergers. The Antitrust reform would make the process for merger harder and would require more reviewing than before. The aim is to prevent just one company from capturing a very large share of the market. According to Brian C Jensen, companies often merge and become a monopoly in the market. And these bills would prevent situations like this.

To have some control over large companies, antitrust reforms would also strengthen the prohibition of conduct by introducing newer categories.  All of these bills aim to stop these companies from gaining more power than they should.

The future of the antitrust reforms and giants like Amazon is still uncertain. The laws surely need to be revised to stay in sync with the market trends, but it is for lawmakers. And the government to decide if these bills will become a law.

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